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Victoria, BC Sunday June 5th, 2016 at 10:56 AM

Pay it forward

I was grabbing a few groceries at fairways in Brentwood and an elderly man told me he had misplaced his cane in the store. I told him not to worry I'll go look up the isles for you. I couldn't find it so I told him I'd go get someone from the store to help him . While I waited in line one woman said she had heard me talking to him and hadn't noticed the cane either. As the cashier rings my groceries in I went to grab my wallet and it wasn't in my purse. I said I just live up the road I'll be right back in 5, I'm so sorry is that ok?
The woman who overheard me talking to the elderly man over heard this and walked over and said I'll pay for it. I said oh no it's ok I'll be back in 5. She insisted, said its only 20 dollars, let me help you. I have never been so overwhelmed and thankful. A big thank you to who bought my groceries. I would like to repay you if I can find you and I will definitely be paying this forward.

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